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ReadFeeds 10.0.4-dev #addontesting By Noelia Ruiz ·
Quick Dictionary: now live on community add-osn website, Add-on Updater to check for updates from February 2021 2 messages #addonrelease By Joseph Lee ·
Welcome to the NVDA Community Add-ons website - Quick Dictionary #feed By Integration ·
NVDA 2020.4 and Joseph Lee's add-ons: compatible, preparing for NVDA 2021.1 work 5 messages By Joseph Lee ·
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What has happened to the add-ons website? 7 messages By José Manuel Delicado Alcolea ·
windows10 app essentials addon interfere with reaper 11 messages By tech explorers ·
Follow-up notice on Gmail address bouncing issue: resolution in progress, things could get back to normal in a few hours or so 2 messages #AdminNotice By Joseph Lee ·
Quick Dictionary with automatic switching of synthesizers for selected languages 12 messages #addonrelease By Oleksandr Gryshchenko ·
readFeeds 10.0 is available on the website By Noelia Ruiz ·
Help with using an online API? 4 messages By Meisam Amini ·
Sorry, a test email By Manolo ·
New WordNav add-on - review requested 21 messages By Tony Malykh ·
Clock-20.12-dev #addontesting By Abdel ·
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Admin notice: if your address is bouncing as a result of Google services failure yesterday #AdminNotice By Joseph Lee ·
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