I'm looking for an add-on where I can assign profiles to keys 3 messages By Sean ·
mp3DirectCut-20.12 11 messages #addonrelease By Abdel ·
Bme2 By Gianluca Casalino ·
December 2020 localization updates: Add-on Updater, StationPlaylist, Windows 10 App Essentials #addonrelease By Joseph Lee ·
Object Location Tones 20.12, final version of the add-on 2 messages #addonrelease By Joseph Lee ·
I provide a solution to the Translate add-on 2 messages By Héctor Javier Benítez Corredera ·
Blind developer wants to create Addon for inaccessible app 5 messages By Mohamed Fayed ·
Important: pause add-on update releases until further notice By Joseph Lee ·
NVDACon20 - keynote with NV Access will be replayed in approximately 1.5 hours By Adriani Botez ·
NVDACon20 - next session starts in 15 minutes By Adriani Botez ·
NVDACon starts in 7 minutes 7 messages By Adriani Botez ·
NVDACon20 highlight - the keynote with NV Access starts in half an hour from now By Adriani Botez ·
Is the Braille with keyboard PC input add-on still being supported 6 messages #addonrequest By Khalid Anwar ·
NVDACon 20 - next session at 5 pm UTC with Sheri Byrne Haber from VMware By Adriani Botez ·
NVDACon20 - live stream By Adriani Botez ·
NVDACon20 session - join us right now to hear more about qualitative data coding in Excel By Adriani Botez ·
NVDACon20 - next informal discussion forum will start in about 25 minutes By Adriani Botez ·
NVDACon 2020 - rules for the conference 2 messages By Adriani Botez ·
NVDAExtensionGlobalPlugin 9.4 3 messages By Sergio Gómez ·
FW: [nvda] NVDACon 2020: program schedule is now live By Joseph Lee ·
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