clipContentsDesigner 13.3, placeMarkers 15.4 available on the website By Noelia Ruiz ·
IMPORTANT SConstruct notice: please change MSGID bugs address from to By Joseph Lee ·
remove or discard accName property from an object 3 messages By Beqa Gozalishvili ·
dubbing plugin for the last phrases speech History does not work 2 messages By ·
Notice: Joseph Lee hands add-ons list leadership to Noelia Ruiz Martinez, effective one week after NVDA 2021.1 stable release date 2 messages #AdminNotice By Joseph Lee ·
sort addon page which addons work with latest nvda or not 9 messages By Bernd Dorer ·
Notice: Joseph Lee is looking for people who can take his add-ons to the next level By Joseph Lee ·
Looking for help in buildding the ddictationBridge add-on for the latest NVDA versions 3 messages By Pranav Lal ·
strangeness with NVDA alpha 2 messages By bering.p ·
Improving accessibility of Spotify for desktop 2 messages By Marco Oros ·
Welcome to the NVDA Community Add-ons website - WordNav 2 messages #feed By Integration ·
Alpha won't check or load add ons? 7 messages By Brian's Mail list account ·
goldwave addon 8 messages By fearndk@... ·
two questions By ·
nvda-addons I'm looking for 3 add-ons 3 messages By marinos.poulimas ·
Add-ons updated on the website: clipContentsdesigner, emoticons, placeMarkers 3 messages By Noelia Ruiz ·
A tool for creating in Python available for NVDA GUI 5 messages By Sylwek Piekarski ·
goldwave 4 messages By fearndk@... ·
Add-on Updater 21.05 released, extra steps required for NVDA alpha snapshot users 3 messages #addonrelease By Joseph Lee ·
am new By Kerryn Gunness ·
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