does anyone know the email address for the dev of the number Processing addon? 3 messages By Kevin Cussick ·
Joining forces to develop similar add-ons. 5 messages By Pawel Urbanski ·
searchWith 17 messages #addontesting By Ibrahim Hamadeh ·
addon to silence Microsoft outlook first opening messages 3 messages By Dennis L ·
addon to silence microsoft outlook first opening messages 14 messages By Josh Kennedy ·
Advance notice: version 21.08 of most of Joseph Lee's add-ons will be the last version to support pre-refactor NVDA releases 3 messages By Joseph Lee ·
Requesting addon review for "Ignore Blanks Indentation Reporting" 5 messages By Samuel Kacer ·
locked O.T. Audacity is now a Possible Spyware, Remove it ASAP 3 messages By Manolo ·
Updated Wiki Page: Pending reviews 2 messages #wiki-notice By Notification ·
Clock v21.07 #addonrelease By zvonimir stanečić, 9a5dsz ·
need help with the clock addon 4 messages By zvonimir stanečić, 9a5dsz ·
killNVDA 0.2 5 messages By Tyler Spivey ·
Tracking changes in property values 3 messages By Andy B. ·
This message is so that all users can reflect on this unusual but real situation! 69 messages By Ângelo Abrantes ·
Work in progress related to translation system and add-ons By Noelia Ruiz ·
Request to register speechHistory in translations system By Noelia Ruiz ·
classicSelection 1.2 By Tyler Spivey ·
Welcome to the NVDA Community Add-ons website - Event Tracker #feed By Integration ·
Add-ons updated on the website 2 messages By Noelia Ruiz ·
Request to add Win Wizard to the translation system 2 messages By Lukasz Golonka ·
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