URGENT: Problem encountered in NVDA and the size parameter to control the size of a window/dialog.

Héctor Javier Benítez Corredera

Good, a few days ago I sent an email reporting a problem with NVDA display.

Well let's see if raising the issue to see if I get more information than with the previous email.

A screen reader is not only focused to totally blind people but also to all those who still have a visual rest and share that visual rest with the reader.

I anticipate that I am far from knowing internally in the NVDA code where the bug may be but day by day I am more convinced that there is a bug.

Well following the approach that NVDA is not only for blind people I think it is important that the visual aspect of an interface is also friendly to the eye, at this point I will say that several official add-ons sincerely do not meet this point.

Well now to the subject, I began to realize when parts of interface that I had made for applications I wanted to port them to NVDA add-in and I began to see how those interfaces began to not show the information correctly when in application if they showed the information correctly.

I began to have to enlarge my interfaces in NVDA since as I mentioned they did not look good and that caused the bad distribution of the information.

Tired I made a very simple test and that is to make a simple window in wxpython 4.0.3, in 4.1.1 and run it in Python 3.7 and Python 3.8, I did this to check that it is not a problem of wxpython neither in the version that currently uses NVDA nor in the one that is going to use both wxpython and Python.

Well the feature of that window is simple 800x600 and centered on the desktop.

Well when I want to know exactly what it tells me Developer info for navigator object of this window positioning the cursor on the title is the following:

location: RectLTWH(left=360, top=60, width=1200, height=900)

Notice 1200x900 there is a difference of 400x300 with respect to the 800x600 that is the window.

Well now that same window is now ported to complement, this is what it gives me:

location: RectLTWH(left=571, top=255, width=778, height=544)

If now you look at it, it is almost 800x600.

Visually what does that mean, well with a person who sees I did the test to confirm it and indeed the window cast in NVDA is dwarf compared to the window executed in the Python interpreter on my disk.

Conclusion, either someone will get me out of my mistake or NVDA is mishandling the size parameter of wxpython.

That for developing plugins with interface is a big problem in my opinion.