Thinking on GitHub Actions: Synchronize translations with master branch of add-ons

Noelia Ruiz


I bring up this here in case it's any inconvenience, especially taking
account that the add-ons system is being fixed and managed by NV
Access, or in c case someone has feedback on this.
I created a workflow on GitHub to update the direct download link of
stable versions of NVDA, provided by Mick, so users can download NVDA
without having to go to the NV Access website, not translated, and
allowing NV Access to get download stadistics. This was discused at
And the spanish NVDA's website where I have the direct link can be found at

So, I created a GitHub Action before going on hollidays, to ensure
that the direct link is updated if a new release is published and I'm
not available. The user guide may also be updated, but I'm not sure if
this will work, but I performed some tests and I expect that the
download link will be updated correctly.
So, I may start to create a GitHub action to synchronize add-on
translations posted automatically to the stable branch of repos forked
in the nvdaaddons organiations, to be merged periodically to master
branch in my personal account, used to release new add-on versions.
I'm not sure if this will work, but I'll try it unless there can be
any objections.