Paypenmeier Braillex older models RS232 port mode.

Pawel Urbanski

Hi Everyone,
To all the hackers out there, who may know it...
I am using an old Braillex Tiny (40-cell) display. It is connected
over a RS232 (COM-port).
I am using an USB-to-COM converter with the short Braille cable
atached. The Braillex cable has the so called female DB9 ending.
I found some StarTech USB-to-DB9 converters that would eliminate the
Braillex cable along the way.

The billion Dollar question is:
What is the mode of the Braillex display:
1. Straight-through? - just one-way.
2. A modem-type? - working both ways?

Thanks in advance for any hints... :)