nvdaes add-ons updated #addonrelease #addontesting

Noelia Ruiz


The following add-ons have been updated with new translations. Also, core.callLater has been used instead of wx.CallLater, as done in NVDA

* clipContentsDesigner, to 8.6.
* emoticons, to 8.4 (here, the explanation about the emojis panel activation has been removed since several procedures could be used and we prefer focus on the add-on features; anyway, this panel is mentioned). Thanks to authors: Chris (main author), Mesar and Francisco Javier.
* eMule, to 3.17, just with translation updates. Thanks Chris and Alberto Buffolino as authors.
* placeMarkers, to 12.1. Thanks Chris.
* readFeeds, to 6.1. Thanks to Mesar.

The sconstruct file provided by Abdel to avoid issues with documentation title has been used for this add-ons and also committed to reportSymbols.
For now, I don't use the minimum versions or last tested version implemented by Joseph, since addonUpdater is a recent add-on which uses checkbox placed in a list, and this implies that its usage requires versions compatible with these add-ons.

Please download a copy from the add-ons website, or use addonUpdater to update them.
Also, 9.2-dev is available for emoticons, using core.callLater function.