Notice: nvdaaddons/mrconfig repo to be removed on December 31, 2020


Hello everyone,

I may have announced it a few weeks ago, but in case I haven’t:

The mrconfig repo found in nvdaaddons GitHub repository will be removed on December 31, 2020 in favor of the version maintained by NV Access. The new mrconfig repo is now:


Things dealing with some parts of localization exchange uses this repo, most notably to add and remove translations exchange for add-ons. Transferring the mrconfig repository from NVD Add-ons organization to NV Access is just one of the steps involved in modernizing add-on release process that’s being investigated by NV Access and several add-on reviewers (I and Noelia included). With the transfer done, anyone maintaining their own local mrconfig repo should edit their .git config file to point the origin URL to the new repo address.