Notice: Joseph Lee's add-on repo default branch names will be changing from "master" to "main", effective June 1, 2021


Hello all,

The following notice is applicable to anyone watching my add-on repos on GitHub:

After death of George Floyd twelve months ago, the tech industry and others noted that terms such as “master” perpetuate racism and hinders broader conversation about history, race, and recognizing harmful effects of words. As a first step, places such as GitHub decided to change terms such as “master” to something more inclusive, and in September 2020, GitHub decided to use the term “main” to refer to default branch names going forward (new repos are affected, not existing ones).

To acknowledge this decision, I will be renaming default branch names for my add-on repositories hosted on GitHub from “master” to “main”, effective June 1, 2021. Any add-on under current maintenance or plan to be retired by end of this year will be affected. Specifically:

  • Add-ons under current maintenance: Add-on Updater, Control Usage Assistant, Enhanced Touch Gestures, GoldWave, Resource Monitor, Windows 10 App Essentials
  • Plan to be retired by end of this year: StationPlaylist


Therefore anyone wishing to submit pull requests on these add-ons should wait until after June 1, 2021, at which point default PR base branch will be “main”.



  • This change affects source code readers and reviewers, not users. The “stable” branch will be used to stage releases.
  • The first releases coming from the “main” branch will be made around June 2021, starting with localization updates for GoldWave and Control Usage Assistant.
  • StationPlaylist add-on is under deep maintenance mode in preparation for leaving my care later this year. As such, only localization updates will be released. This add-on will be included in default branch renames for benefit of future maintainers.
  • The first release of Windows 10 App Essentials add-on powered by the new main branch will be “Cobalt”, scheduled for summer 2021 (around August). The next add-on release (version 21.06 and unofficially codenamed “Iron”) is undergoing stabilization. I expect the “master” to “main” branch name transition will be completed no later than “Nickel 1” cycle (due October 2021).