Noelia's add-ons policies

Noelia Ruiz


Due to a recent incident on this list, where admins requested to talk
about readFeeds add-ons without cluttering a topic with 100 messages
or more, in which main participants are a member of this list and me.
Also, since ultimately I've received private questions or requests
about add-ons, from several persons, and some of them would be
clarified publicly. And also considering that some pull requests
haven't been accepted by me for, at least in part, due to lack of good
policies not set by me, I've created a .github repo to set pull
request template, issue templates to report bugs and request features,
security policy, a support file where my email address is reflected
and a code of conduct derived (with corresponding credits) from NV
Access COC.
I was strongly reluctant to set this kind of policies in case this may
break flexibility, but I see that due to this lack some pull requests
have potentially been rejected and this is a pity and my
You can see this policies created following GitHub documentation to
create the different kinds of recommended files, at

Cheers and sorry for inconveniences.