Latex-Access Development Update: Ported / Migrated to Git From SVN

Nathaniel Schmidt <schmidty2244@...>

Hi all,

Since I am (a) getting bounce-backs from the original latex-access project manager’s email address; and (b) have received no response as of yet from the latex-access development mailing list, I have decided, for now, to take matters into my own hands. I have migrated the source code repository from SVN on SourceForge to Git on GitHub, using Github's importing tool. The code is licensed under NGPL2.0, so I see no problem with this. If anyone wants push access then privately send me your GitHub username. distributed version control is more pragmatically viable than centralised control anyway, allowing one to work off-line. I have not changed the name spaces of authors in original SVN commits. The project is small enough that any contributors could probably just collaborate with only the original master branch; however, if it gets more complicated than this, then since I am not terribly experienced with Git, I would prefer to work with a GitHub Flow branching strategy. Note that this is very different from a GitFlow branching strategy. Also, to keep things simple, I would probably want to work from a shared repository model, rather than fork-and-pull model. In other words, I would strongly recommend that other users / contributors do not fork the online repository to their own Github account! So I will probably either not except any pull-requests from forked repos, or if I do, I will only accept pull-requests from a forked repo if I can also be absolutely assured that the contributor‘s local master branch has been linked with the remote original master branch via the appropriate Git commands. My moderate understanding and somewhat limited experience probably won’t cope with much beyond that…

If anyone not experienced with version control systems or software development needs further help or clarification for anything, then let me know. Repo can be cloned at.

Kind regards,

Nathaniel Schmidt

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