Joseph Lee's add-ons and Windows 7/8.x: ending support from mid-2022


Hi all,

The following should be treated as a notice from an individual add-on author:

Recently NV Access sent a statement about NVDA and Windows 7, which can be viewed here: | NVDA Support for Windows 7


In light of that statement, I hereby announce what will happen to my add-ons as far as Windows 7 (and 8.x) support is concerned:

Support for Windows 7 is no more for consumers, although security updates for enterprises will be provided until January 2023. Since Windows 8.x support for consumers will end in January 2023, I announce that my add-ons will drop support for Windows 7 by middle of 2022 (likely by northern fall). In practical terms, I expect to initiate ending support for Windows 7 when NVDA 2022.2 beta 1 is released (later in 2022) so that folks can have time to prepare (this does not imply that NVDA 2022.2 will end support for Windows 7; as I stated many times, I do not work for NV Access, so I have no control over this, and NV Access noted that ending support for older Windows releases will target compatibility breaking release (year.1)). This applies to any add-on I create or maintain from 2022 onwards, and I will provide a 60-day notice before releasing add-on releases dropping support for Windows 7.


  • Add-on Updater is tied to NVDA add-ons store, therefore Windows 7 will be supported as long as NVDA supports it. As soon as NVDA add-ons store (specifically, when NVDA begins checking for add-on updates by itself) becomes a reality, Add-on Updater will be discontinued.
  • Any add-on I pick up from someone – the wishes of the original authors will be kept, therefore I will not touch anything having to do with Windows release compatibility for these add-ons.

Special note on Enhanced Touch Gestures, GoldWave, Resource Monitor, StationPlaylist: if no-one is maintaining them by the time NVDA 2022.1 stable version is released, these, too will fall under the just announced Windows 7 policy.

Note on Enhanced Touch Gestures: this add-on does not support Windows 7 so the policy does not really apply, although there will come a day when this add-on, too will end support for an eventually unsupported operating system, namely Windows 8.1. If no-one is maintaining this add-on in 2023, I will invoke end of Windows 8.1 support policy then.

Note on Windows App Essentials: a similar policy is in effect for Windows 10 and 11 feature updates as the add-on requires recent Windows 10 updates and Windows 11 to function. Therefore, notes on Windows 7 does not apply.

The above announcement is strictly a policy from an add-on author; different authors may have different thoughts about older Windows releases, so for add-ons maintained by other authors, please ask them, not me. As for NVDA and Windows 7, please read the statement from NV Access; the question of Windows 7 and NVDA add-ons is up to add-on authors themselves to decide.

Thank you.