InstantTranslate update request (4.4.2)


Hi Beqa and all


This message is a gentle reminder to release Instant Translate 4.4.2.

We already discussed it privately (lastly on October 6th) and in other threads in the list.

This message will allow to have a dedicated public thread for this.


Instant translate 4.4.1 has a bug that makes language detection and auto-switch feature unavailable. Fixes have been provided by the end of 2019 and have been integrated in master at this time. Following our discussion in May 2020, a 4.4.2 tag has been set and the version has also been updated in However, no 4.4.2 release was provided since that time. And thus the last available version on the community website is the buggy 4.4.1.



Could you please make a release corresponding to the 4.4.2 tag and ask it to be updated on the community website?

Again, if you face any difficulty, just let us know.





Rowen Cary

Hope to release a new version, and also hope to merge the PR of Grisov.