Clock-19.02-dev #addontesting



On the nvda mailing list, a user of the Clock add-on complained of the following:

After the transition from 23:59 to midnight, the module displayed 24:00 rather than 0:00.

I made multiple tests on several versions of Windows and NVDA to try to reproduce this, but without success.

For me, the transition from 23:59 to 0:00 was done correctly.

So I tried the following, which solved the problem for this user:

The third parameter of the winKernel.GetTimeFormatEx function is a SYSTEMTIME object symbolizing the current date and time.

It can be retrieved from () and it will automatically be converted into a SYSTEMTIME object, which Windows can use to display the time in the format chosen by the user.

The SYSTEMTIME class for doing this is present in the module since NVDA-2014.3.

Before that, it was in the module.

For these older versions of NVDA, the winKernel.GetTimeFormat function is used, because winKernel.GetTimeFormatEx did not exist yet at the time.

The new version of the Clock add-on isĀ  the 19.02-dev which also includes the latest L10N updates.

It will be available in a few minutes via AddonUpdater as well as on the community website in the dev channel.

It will remain in development version for a period of 2 weeks.

If no bug has been detected during this period, it will be released.