clipContentsDesigner, pcKbBrl and readFeeds updated on the website #addonrelease

Noelia Ruiz

Hi, thanks to all contributors to make possible this updates,
including users who reported bugs and request features, and Reef (NV
Access) for approving this updates for the website.

Clip Contents Designer 12.0
## Changes for 12.0

* Fixed bugs when using emulate copy in applications like LibreOffice Writer.

PC Keyboard Braille Input for NVDA 2020.1
## Changes for 2020.1

* You can press space bar in combination with braille dots to emulate
gestures, similar to commands available in braille displays.
* Added an option to speak single dots typed in one hand mode.

Read Feeds 10.0.1

This is a minor version, so I haven't updated the documentation on the
website. It fixes a regression where certain feeds cannot be read with
version 10.0, and typos in readme.