Call for Topics #nvdacon

Robert Hänggi

NVDA – Bridging the Distance

Dear add-on developers

The NVDA user and developer conference (NVDACon) approaches rapidly; 44 days until the curtains are lifted and the stage lights turned on.
It will be held on the weekend of December 5th and 6th 2020.

We've created a general Call for Topics letter and you can look it up here.
However, I'd like to address all add-on developers directly as you fulfil such an important role in the community. Indeed, you're the pioneers that build bridges in more than one sense. You fill the gaps that NVDA core doesn't address and you are the intermediates between users and NVAccess, whereby often new ideas are spawned through your enthusiasm.

How the conference can assist you in exposing and promoting your add-ons

We offer several levels of session types so that you can choose whatever fits your needs or style best:

Level 0 - Thunder clap tweets.

Those are short messages from you (text or audio) to introduce new features of your add-ons or any announcement to the community you want to make.

We would especially be interested in new add-ons that have been released during the last year.

Level 1 - Lightning talks

Presentation of add-ons and their features; duration about 15 to 30 minutes (including Q&A)

We will pack multiple talks together so that they add up to a full session.

Level 2 - Town Hall Panel

You might be familiar with Joseph Lee's informal exchange with users with regard to his add-ons.
We'd like   to encourage other developers to do the same.
The idea is that  several authors collectively answer questions from the users or talk about planned features and seek feedback.
It is somewhat similar to the open forums but we want to be able to tell users when their favourite developers are actually present and ready to take questions.
Please tell us your preferred time span if you want to participate in such a panel discussion.

Level 3 - Full Blast Sessions

If you want to engage seriously, consider this type which spans 60 to 90 minutes.

This should give you enough time to present and demonstrate your add-on(s) in depth.

You might wonder if you have enough content but I can assure you that time will fly by in a blink, especially with the Q&A round which sometimes gets a life of its own.

What should you talk about?

Again, our theme is "Bridging the Distance" which would suggest that add-ons for e.g. TeamTalk, Zoom etc. would be the most appropriate ones. Fortunately, anything that we do with NVDA goes in that direction. In other words, there are no limitations.

When is the deadline for submitting topics?

We need some headroom to schedule the sessions. Therefore, it would be most appreciated if you could submit your topics until
November, 14, 2020
This is especially true for full sessions.

What info do we need from you?

It might be best if I give you an example submission.

Here's Joseph Lee's topic proposal for this year:

- Tentative title: Bridging Add-on Users and Developers: Joseph Lee’s add-ons
- Host: Joseph Lee
- Description: this is an informal, town hall style meeting between users and developers of several NVDA add-ons, including Add-on Updater, Resource Monitor, StationPlaylist, and Windows 10 App Essentials.
- Expected duration: about an hour.
- Preferred time slot: mid-morning in United States (between 10 AM to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8).

Where should you send your submission to?


We are looking forward to your topic proposals. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions.
Best regards

For the planning comity
Robert Hänggi
Chair NVDACon 2020