App localization add-on (Re: [nvda-addons] Storing and Using Persistent Information Outside Your Add-on)

Omer Zak

(I took the liberty of changing the Subject line because this is no
longer about storing and using persistent information outside your add-

Thanks, Rui Fontes and Locutor Antonio Cezar, for pointing out the App
Dictionary add-on.

Did you mean this:

And does this article describe how is the dictionary used:

--- Omer Zak

On Tue, 2020-09-08 at 15:38 -0300, Locutor Antonio Cezar wrote:
I'm sorry if I did not understand what exactly the purpose of the
Add-On that friend is creating, but here in Brazil some people use
the AppDictionary Add-On to translate applications because
the main function of AppDictionary is to create a dictionary
for each application it is accessed as NVDA screen reader... Thanks.
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