Question to NV Access: plans for the add-on store from now?

Noelia Ruiz

Hi @NVAccess staff:

On the add-ons mailing list, we talked about the add-on datastore, for
example, in this recent message:

You have let know people that Reef Turner has left NV Access. He was
working on this PR, with participation of other members of the

Now adays, to use the hosting service that NV Access makes available
to store add-ons, people needs to create a pull request against
addonFiles repo, Joseph Lee or myself have to review the download URL
and add-on manifest to ensure that add-ons don't bypass the mechanism
set by NVDA about compatibility for security reasons, and then NV
Access has to merge pull request approved by Joseph or me. The
required reviews for add-ons sent to addonFiles can be done
automatically if the addon-datastore is used.
Also, add-ons like add-on updater provide procedures to update add-ons
from NVDA. In addition, though the addon-datastore was not opened to
send add-ons via pull request for general testing, some people were
required to send add-ons there to start making some initial tests.
We members of the community have participated showing interest in the
store. So, I'd like to ask if you can inform publicly about plans for
the store from now, for example, guidance about how we can contribute
(if we should provide more comments to the pull request where Reef was
working), if more add-ons can be sent to the addon-datastore repo,
possible deadlines etc.
Kind regards.