NVDA 2022.3 RC1 and 2022.2.4 now available

Quentin Christensen

NV Access is pleased to announce not one but TWO releases today:

- NVDA 2022.3 RC1 is a release candidate for 2022.3.  Unless any major issues are found, 2022.3 RC1 will be identical to the final 2022.3. We encourage most users to update to this RC. It also includes the fix from 2022.2.4: https://nvaccess.org/post/nvda-2022-3rc1/

- NVDA 2022.2.4 is a patch release for 2022.2.  It fixes a security issue and is recommended for anyone not ready to update to 2022.3 RC1.  Download & more info at: https://www.nvaccess.org/post/nvda-2022-2-4/

Please note: All add-ons which work with 2022.1 will work with these releases.

Quentin Christensen
Training and Support Manager