new repo, a collection of utilities to develop add-ons for NVDA!


hi there!

I decided to create a repository to make available for anyone some
utils that I developed for my add-ons. I need to document most of
them, and I won't place them undocumented code.
Currently I added two. The helperConfig (that I mentioned some days
ago) and another utility to type strings in the system.
Those don't pretend to be examples of code, those are generalized and
parameterized functions and classes that you can use by pasting in
your code, or importing them. I mean, that usually you won't need to
modify anything in the code, unless you want to improve the code; in
that case I'll wait for your PR with the improvements. 😃
who does not know me, I'm the initial and the current developer of
IBMTTS (called Eloquence in the past) Beep Keyboard,
EnhancedPhoneticReading, synthRingSettingsSelector and others.
You can find the repo here:

this repo is not just for my personal utilities, I will place there
useful things from anyone. So, feel free to send me your PRS with your
personal utilities too. Don't forget to generalize and document your
I could take codes from others, with the corresponding mention and
thanks. This project just started, I hope to have many utilities

David CM from Costa Rica.