Addon updates by Noelia (@nvdaes) #addonrelease

Noelia Ruiz

Hello: First of all, thanks to authors, contributors, users and
translators. Especially, thanks to Cyrille for his help with
suggestions and fixes in 13.0 version of clipContentsDesigner. Also
thanks to Abdel, as an author too.

Changes for 13.0
• Fixed an issue in visual layout of the settings panel, thanks to
Cyrille Bougot.
• Improved documentation.
• Added a Clip Contents Designer category to assign input gestures to
all commands available for this add-on.
• Fixed bugs when using emulate copy in browsers if focus mode is active.
• You can assign different gestures to show the clipboard textual
contents as raw text or formatted in HTML. The Format to show the
clipboard text in the settings panel has being modified accordingly,
to select the two options available for HTML format.

Other versions available from the website and from addonUpdater
contains just translation updates:

- emoticons 13.1 (thanks especially to Chris LM, main author of this
add-on and coauthor and reviewer of other ones).
- eMule 4.1, also coauthored by Alberto Buffolino.
- placeMarkers 15.1.
- readFeeds 10.1, coauthored by Mesar.
- reportPasswords 1.2.
- reportSymbols 5.1.

See documentation for more info, included mentioned authors. Thanks
also to Reef (NV Access) for making available this add-ons to the