Last Chance to get free promotion at #nvdacon

Robert Hänggi

Dear Friends

We are almost there, the NVDA Conference will be held on December 4th,
5th, and 6th.
Although the official deadline for submitting topics (full or
lightning talks) is over, you still have the possibility to bring your
work to the attention of the public.
I still gather content for the Thunder Clap Tweets.
Those are snippets that present new add-ons, add-ons in development or
older ones with important updates.
All I've received so far are proposals for non-community add-ons which
is somewhat astounding and perhaps a bit embarrassing for authors on
this group. More so as we approach almost 80 add-ons on the community
website. I guess this is about a quarter more than last year.
As we say in the music industry, creativity is 20 % and business 80 %.
Therefore, I hope you take the opportunity to advertise your add-ons
through the conference.
It would be great if you could give it a personal touch and send a
recording with an overview over your add-on and its features (we will
do the editing, so don't worry about noise and mistakes).
If you're really not comfortable with speaking English, you can write
it down as plain text, be aware that it might be spoken through TTS

I'm looking forward and hoping for plenty replies to this Email, me
personally or our official address:

Warm regards and happy Thanks Giving for our American friends
Chair NVDACon