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Report Passwords

This add-on adds the option of speaking the text typed on protected controls like passwords, such as when logging into web-based email sites, where typed characters are spoken as asterisks.

Note: NVDA has an option to configure if typed passwords will be spoken on Windows terminals. This add-on won't affect that kind of controls, where typed characters in passwords can be read or silenced, but won't be spoken as asterisks.

How to configure

The add-on can be configured from its category in the NVDA's settings dialog, under NVDA's menu, Preferences submenu. A gesture for opening the add-on settings panel can be assigned from Input gestures dialog, configuration category.

Tip: If you aren't used to configure NVDA to speak typed characters or words and want to hear typed text in passwords, you may create a configuration profile to enable the speaking of typed characters and passwords, and assign it to a gesture or create a trigger to enable it automatically in certain situations. For convenience, NVDA will ask if you want to set a dedicated profile when the add-on is installed.

Changes for 1.0

  • Initial version.