Skype 8 (Electron) updated to work with old and new NVDA

Doug Lee

My Skype 8 (Electron) add-on for NVDA now works in both NVDA 2019.2 and older, and in NVDA 2019.3. In fact, no changes were required beyond a manifest update.

Direct link to add-on:

Official link to both JAWS and NVDA resources for Skype 8:

Note: This add-on serves to eliminate much duplicate speech in Skype 8.55 (current version), but other features in both old and new NVDA versions may at some point need updating for changes within Skype itself since I wrote
the add-on. I'm delaying such things for now during the Python 2-to-3 migration of NVDA as advised on this list.

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