PC Keyboard Braille Input 2019.1-dev #addontesting

Noelia Ruiz

Hi, I have posted this version on the website for testing, since this has been approved by Cyrille after basic review:

I have modified get.php in addonFiles repo, which is used to create links for add-ons. Now, the link labelled "stable version" is associated with the development version 2019.1-dev, just for convenience, but the add-on is only available from the section used for add-ons under development.
Documentation with download links is here:

The add-on repo, for reporting bugs and contribute with pull requests, can be found at
If bugs aren't reported, I will try to declare it stable when NVDA 2019.3rc1 is published.
Enjoy and thanks to Cyrille and other contributors, mentioned in documentation. Thanks all for your help!