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I have tried the try ... except ValueError and log the exception text when the ValueError occurs. This way I have been able to see that, when the error occurs and is filtered, no other python error occurs.
Regarding global variable not been set, I have not seen any strange user experience.
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On Tue, 17 Sep 2019, Cyrille via Groups.Io wrote:
> Not so sure that it would be a good workaround.
> After the line that causes the error in cancelSpeech, there may still be a call to the cancel method of the synthesizer and some global variables setting.
> At least if this workaround is implemented, a debug message should be printed in the log.
I agree it is not great, that's what I meant about "I hate to be so general
about it"--I don't like catching such a general warning. That could probably be
improved by examining the exception details.
But for testing, it would at least tell us if doing some version of that solves
the problem. Could you try it? I haven't replicated it yet.
This add-on has already started getting some traction on one of the users lists
from somebody having posted about it in answer to a question.