Synth settings ring selector 0.5 stable version. #addonrequestreview


Hi. Some months ago I sent this add-on for reviewing. It passed the reviews.
I haven't had report issues since so I declared it as stable add-on.
This add-on doesn't have major changes, but would fe useful to thest
it with NVDA 2019.3.
I just updated the code to solve an issue with NVDA 2018.3, I used a
function not avilable on that version.
About the add-on:
This add-on allows the user to select which settings should appear on
the synth settings ring.

This add-on provides the following features:
• A category panel in the NVDA settings to select which settings you
want to include in the synth settings ring.
• save specific settings for each profile.
• overrides the default synth driver settings that are shown in the
synth settings ring.
You need NVDA 2018.3 or later.
Link to the latest release: