placeMarkers 13.3-dev and readFeeds 8.0-dev. Was: placeMarkers 13.2-dev #addontesting

Noelia Ruiz

Hi, Please, download and test an updated dev version for placeMarkers add-on. In 13.3-dev I have decoded the addon directory using "mbcs", to prevent errors when using certain character in folder names.
Also, I have released a new development version for readFeeds: 8.0-dev:

## Changes for 8.0 ##

* When the add-on is updated, feeds saved in the previous version of the add-on will be automatically copied to the new version, unless you prefer to import feeds saved in the main configuration folder of NVDA.

Both add-ons will be available in about 30 minutes from the website.
My GitHub account, where repos can be found, is the following:

Comments are appreciated.


El 29/06/2019 a las 20:29, Noelia Ruiz via Groups.Io escribió:
Hi, in about 40 minutes this new dev version will be available from the add-ons website and addonUpdater.
Now, when we update the add-on from a previous version, if the main configuration folder of NVDA doesn't contain copied place markers, or if we answer not to the question about updating the add-on importing the place markers previously copied to this folder, the place markrs contained in the previous version of the add-on will be automatically imported to the new version.
This will be much easier for people, since place markers will be preserved when the add-on is updated, even if we haven't copied the place markers.
Thanks so much to Łukasz Golonka for the great work. I will thank also on my Twitter account to give credits to this author, whose work will be used for other add-ons.
As always, thanks to Chris as an author, translators and all contributors.
Łukasz thinks it's not needed to be mentioned as an author. However, the name of this person is reflected in the copyright of installTasks file.