placeMarkers 13.0-dev #addontesting

Noelia Ruiz

Hi, this development version is available for testing on the website.
Two not assigned commands have been added to perform next and prefious search in any specific document, that is, the next or previous occurrence of the text searched throught this add-on.
Note that next and previous search for a specific document is always possible using the specific search dialog (control+shift+NVDA+f). This change will be convenient for NVDA 2019.2 and now for snapshots, since previously we could use NVDA+f3 and NVDA+shift+f3 including the last search text of the add-on in a protected variable of NVDA. This is not a good practice, but I did it as an exception.
Now this change fixes this inconvenience.
The add-on can be downloaded from the community website at
You can see code diffs at^...994a2d8dfb56
You can comment on this PR:

PS: For other add-ons, I will do just minor changes like declaring compatibility with NVDA 2019.2, so we may ommit releases of development versions.
Any feedback is appreciated by authors, ChrisLM and myself.