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Your forum admin is out of his office until July 3 messages By Brian's Mail list account ·
Notice from list administrator: thread hijacking, COVID-19 sensitivity, languages, volunteer work 4 messages By Jason Bratcher ·
Notice from an exhausted list admin: no more thread hijacking, please 8 messages By Brian's Mail list account ·
NVDA 2019.3 release candidate tagged, entering 2019.3 ready add-on release preparation phase 2 messages By Shaun Everiss ·
Friendly reminder from your list admin: please, please, PLEASE DO NOT hijack a thread 1 messages By Joseph Lee ·
Notice: Groups.IO services might be disrupted for a while due to blackouts resulting from California wildfire risks 3 messages By Brian's Mail list account ·
Resuming admin duties 2 messages By David Moore ·
Notice from your friendly list admin: NVDA add-ons list is not the same as NVDA users list 2 messages By mr. Chikodinaka Nickarandidum Oguledo ·
Message from your list administrator: ethics and reviews 1 messages By Joseph Lee ·
An important advice/directive about repo management registration, thread hijacking and other recent items 4 messages By Noelia Ruiz ·
List admin would like to remind you of: mod notices, NVDA alpha snapshots and broken add-ons 1 messages By Joseph Lee ·
Happy 2018, upcoming fifth anniversary, state of add-ons and 2018 vision 3 messages By Joseph Lee ·
Abdel has write access to addonFiles 28 messages By derek riemer ·
Volcanic eruption: XP thread suspended, a word on respecting elders and experts, a member is under moderation for the whole month of September 4 messages By Joseph Lee ·
Announcement 2: commits list on Freelists versus commits subgrup 1 messages By Joseph Lee ·
Important reminder: Freelists version of nvda-addons deprecated, some updates 2 messages By Noelia Ruiz ·
Important: archive of old nvda-addons forum from Freelists is about to join this forum 2 messages By Noelia Ruiz ·
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