Re: Clipspeak: handing the add-on to the community

Luke Davis

I thought I would take a stab at updating this.

Unfortunately, almost immediately I ran into a major roadblock.

It looks like some version of win32clipboard would need to be bundled with this add-on in order to achieve Py3 compatibility.

What is the current recommended way to do that?

The instructions found online say to download the installer for Pywin32, run the installer, and then import it as part of the local Python installation.

Since having an add-on run an executable installer on every system seems highly unlikely to be correct, I am assuming I need to find a specific DLL and a wrapper of some sort?

I looked at Clip Contents Designer, which is the only add-on I know to be doing this kind of thing, but they aren't Py 3 ready yet either.

Luke Davis
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