Re: New add-on: phonetic punctuation

Luke Davis

On Sun, 29 Sep 2019, Tony Malykh wrote:

Currently all the built in audio icons have been taken from emacspeak - but I don't mind incorporating more audio icons, so if you know where I can get more audio icons (short and easily distinguishable wav files), that are free to use - please let me know.
Fyi, things like this are often called "earcons". It might help you in your searching to know that.

I read your message about the name, and the dictionary definitions.

I also think that the word Phonetic is not really accurate for this. I found "phonetic punctuation" a rather impossible concept when I first saw the subject line.

Consider, that the way NVDA and other screen readers use the word "phonetic", is in the context of the NATO Phonetic Alphabet.
That is: words to represent letters, so that letters can be understood when their sounds aren't enough. Taken from what radio operators started doing with low quality voice channels.
A = Alpha, B = Bravo, etc.

That is how NVDA uses the word, and so I I think that is probably the only definition or standard which matters, since it is NVDA users you are trying to appeal to.

If I had written this, I would probably have called it "Punctuation Earcons". That may be a very bad name though, as it's just the first one I thought of, and i don't know how it translates.

Good luck.


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