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I have used nord vpn and in windows I have never found it accessible.

Saying that if you read my archived drama on win10, I have a scewed part on tech support and so it turns out so do a few friends I mentioned this to.

If its easy enough to solve, they can and are generally helpfull.

But if say for example you have a problem and you think you know what it is, they will boilerplate a script at your face.

An example I had of good support.

I have an issue with office, they would go what is it and then put me to someone that could handle things.

In my last case,.

me, I have an issue with an update that I just installed number is such and such.

Responce, you have a corrupted user profile.

Me, but if I uninstall this update and or restore the system, then it goes away.

Hay remote on my system and I will show you.

Them, your system is not updating, your system has an updating issue, you want to use an older windows version, you have a corrupt profile, you need to repair windows, lets do a bunch of things that are not related and now confuse the user so he/she just decides as I did that a reformat will fix my now corrupted system only to find 2 days later that not only was he right but that support never intended to listen to him and it was a disability service.

Now I have only had 2 bad cases.

But anything new or obscure, and thats with any support previder, and its probably going beyond their basic set of instructions.

Now a good support person would level it up to someone that would have access.

I had an issue with a program I used flashfxp, it was in a smaller company though not a b ig one.

Support couldn't handle it, so it kept going up, eventually the lead developer answered it, and he couldn't handle it, but then he updated things and then things did work.

I have had various issues with isps, get the issue to complex and they will choak.

Interestingly, the same can't be said for computer/smart phone manufacturers I havn't hit the choakpoint for apple or hp, or some of the outsourced centres but maybe I havn't been obscure enough.

Of course, if you have an idea and keep it up long enough then maybe you get success maybe not.

On 8/09/2019 7:11 am, Jesse Farquharson wrote:
I have tried to go to support but there seems to be a breakdown in communication somewhere. I'm not sure if I'm not explaining what I mean clearly enough or if they just aren't following. Otherwise they have been very helpful and polite.

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