Re: Translations system failing for debugHelper add-on Fwd: Cron <nvdal10n@exbi> cd ${PathToMrRepo}/addons/debugHelper && chronic mr addon2svn && chronic mr svn2addon

Luke Davis

On Fri, 6 Sep 2019, Noelia Ruiz wrote:

Hi, after adding and fetching the Bitbucket remote repo, we should do:

git checkout -b stable # Create a stable branch from master for example.
git branch -u bitbucketRemoteRepo/stable # We will track the stable
branch of the remote from our local stable branch.
Okay. I think you need to add something to your instructions. I did something similar, but I could not do this exactly, which is what caused the problem. The machine I'm on uses git 1.7.x, where branch -u is not an option. So I did a push -u, which has the same end effect, but also has other effects that are less desirable. So, what is needed is this:

git branch -u bitbucketRemoteRepo/stable
# Or, if using git 1.7 or earlier
git branch --set-upstream stable bitbucketRemoteRepo/stable


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