Re: NVDA Remote and NVDA 2019.3


Edit: Forgot to include the datapoint for the release candidate.

It is my opinion that again, for the second time, the community is making an issue out of a nonissue. Back in 2018 before the release of 2018.3, the community had a furor about the add-on not being compatible with wxPython 4.0.3. Following the timeline:

While I don't know what the current guidelines for releasing add-ons are, expecting authors/developers to release an add-on during the beta cycle of a software seems quite unreasonable. I don't know of any other software community that has this expectation. Seeing that version 2.2 of the NVDA Remote add-on came out just ten days after version 2018.3 of NVDA was released, the furor really was for nothing.

Note: I don't know when the furor started, as I didn't have the patience for dating that part of the timeline, but judging by what we see now in regards to the Python3 transition, I assume it was very much premature just as it is now. As a user, I certainly don't expect an add-on author to release an update to their add-ons months ahead of any official release let alone during its beta cycle. It would be nice, but certainly not a requirement. As you can see from the constructed timeline above, the patch Joseph Lee released came out even before the first beta of NVDA.

It is up to the author when to make their add-ons compatible, but a few weeks after an official version release is not at all unreasonable. authors, at their own choosing,can release their add-ons during the alpha, beta, or release candidate stages, but that is completely up to them and should not be a requirement expected or imposed on anyone else.


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