Re: DebugHelper: Typo fixes in the .mdwn template file

Luke Davis

Oh I see, the Ikywiki template file which is based on the

Thank you for the fixes. I just followed the capitalization conventions of other add-ons (mainly Joseph Lee's) for the headings; that is also the convention we use in the Dev guide currently.

For the key names, I don't know what I was thinking there.:)

Thanks again.



On Fri, 30 Aug 2019, Luke Davis wrote:

On Fri, 30 Aug 2019, René Linke wrote:

I have fixed some small typos in the .mdwn template file.
Nothing serious: Just capitalize the names of the special keys and headlines.
Thank you for fixing, but what file is this? I have no such file. Further, neither does the source for any other add-ons I have downloaded. Is this something added by translations?

luked@dev:~/projects/nvda/debugHelper$ find ./ -iname '*mdwn*'


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