Re: DebugHelper: Typo fixes in the .mdwn template file

Luke Davis

Noelia, that is a very good point, I will do that.


On Fri, 30 Aug 2019, Noelia Ruiz wrote:

Also, Luke, you may wannnnnnnnnnnt to declare NVDA's compatibility versions in the readme, though for me this shouldn't be a mandatory requirement if the add-on is compatible with the last NVDA's stable version, and also it can be used with WinXP (compatible with NVDA 2017.3).
I didn't pay too much attention on this point of documentation since the add-on compatibility is as expected for NVDA's stable version, but we can add this on the website if you want.


El 30/08/2019 a las 19:30, René Linke escribió:
Hi Luke,
I have fixed some small typos in the .mdwn template file.
Nothing serious: Just capitalize the names of the special keys and headlines.

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