Re: Request to have debugHelper added to the community site

Luke Davis

Hi Noelia, my comments below:

Hi, these are my results for basic review:
Thank you for doing that. I only got one review when I put it out on August 8th, so another one is good.

Comments: I have seen at least one string without comments for
translators, and an extra space near of a bracket with a braille
I think you mean line 43, with regards to the untranslated string?
43: markString = "-- MARK {0} --"

I was having that translated (after some changes) on line 90:

89: # Translators: the message entered in the log, containing the mark and its sequence number
90: message = _("{0}{1}{2}".format(newlinesBeforeString, markStringWithNumber, newlinesAfterString))

But that was the wrong way to do it. I have changed it to format only the string on line 43. The newlines that are added don't matter for translation.

I'm not sure about the space near the bracket that you didn't like, if you find that again sometime please point out the line number.

Also, you import for instance configObj, not used here. You may want
Good catch, I will remove that.

Here is a new release, with the changes mentioned above, and a couple other translator comment changes to improve translatability.

basic review. I will post the add-on in a few hours. Let me know if
you want to register it to be translated with the translation system
used in NVDA.
Yes I do.

Thank you!


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