Request for a couple testers: Add-on Updater with Notepad++ Add-on

Luke Davis

Hello All

I found some unexpected behavior in Add-on Updater with a particular add-on. Joseph asked me to have a few other people test it. I would like four or five responses to this if possible.

Steps to follow:

1. When I discovered this, I was running NVDA alpha. The latest right now is 2918,3. However I no longer think that is necessary to the scenario, though you can try it. Either way, probably best to test with portables.

2. Install the latest version of the Add-on Updater add-on. (19.09)

3. Install version 2019.09.0 of the Notepad++ add-on from the following URL:

4. Check for updates, or wait until NVDA automatically checks for Add-on updates. When the window of updates appears, note what version of NotepadPlusPlus is being suggested.

If the result is the same as I am seeing, it will be version 2019.08.0, which is the community add-ons version, and one point and one full version behind the more recent one installed.

If I use the previous version of Add-on updater (19.08), at least on NVDA beta, there is no update shown for NotepadPlusPlus.

Please report any similar or contradictory results, and any similar behavior with other add-ons.



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