minor Bugfix release of debugHelper #addonrelease

Luke Davis

Hello all

After consultation with the three users who reported install problems with debugHelper, I am releasing what I believe to be a bugfix for the problem encountered.

Version 1.0.1 can be found here:

There were no actual code changes; it works exactly the same as before. The problem was probably an issue of addonHandler, or the installation routine, getting confused by DOS style newlines in the source file, instead of the Unix style it was expecting. That, in combination with messed up ComTypes on a few people's older versions of Windows 10 or 7, caused the problem that was observed. At least, that's what I believe happened.

If anyone has problems with this one, please get in touch!

Readme at: https://github.com/XLTechie/debugHelper/blob/master/readme.md


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