Re: Debug Helper 1.0: new stable add-on released #addonrelease

Luke Davis

Thank you José, that is what I assumed it was doing. However it doesn't seem to be documented, at least not in a way which Python 2 can access via help(), which is why I wasn't quite sure.
There is probably documentation somewhere, I just don't remember seeing it.


On Sat, 24 Aug 2019, José Manuel Delicado Alcolea via Groups.Io wrote:

Hi Luke,

Regarding one of your first comments in the code:
addonHandler.initTranslation() makes your add-on translatable. If you
don't call this function and you try to translate a string using the _()
function, NVDA will try to get a translated string from its main
catalog. Calling initTranslation, translated string is taken from the
add-on translation catalog. You should call addonHandler.initTranslation
from every module in your add-on which uses the _() function, unless you
know very well what you are doing. If your add-on interface is only in
english and you don't plan to make it available for translation, you
don't need to call this function.

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