Re: Re : Re: [nvda-addons] Workaround fix - NVDA starts after logon even when this is disabled (Win 10 1903)

Luke Davis

On Wed, 21 Aug 2019, Cyrille via Groups.Io wrote:

NVDA from source and thus will not propose a PR for NVDA core. I agree that exiting NVDA at first stage of startup (just after config reading) would be
cleaner. If you or anyone else want to make such a PR, just feel free.
I also don't have a source setup at the moment to do work on core, which is why I didn't try to do this, and won't be trying for some weeks at least.

It does need to be done by somebody, however--there are organizations, as described in the original issue, that really need this fixed immediately.
I think it is not good for the public relations of NVDA, regardless of whether this happens to all other screen readers or not, to have this problem outstanding when the fix is rather easy.

2. Change name and pack it as an addon. I do not understand why this would change since NVDA full initialization is performed anyway, regardless scripts'
and addons' loading order, as explaned earlier. Anyway I may have missed something. I can perform this packaging and renaming if needed.
No, you're right. Interestingly though, I tried packaging it myself (without renaming), and found that I could not get it to run as an add-on, even though the same code does run as a scratchpad script.
I have not figured out why yet.



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