Re: Welcome to the NVDA Community Add-ons website - Notepad++ #feed

Mr. Wong Chi Wai, William <>

According to the page,
Support for the Previous/Next Find Feature
By Default, if you press control+f you bring up the find dialog. If you type text here and press enter, the text in the window is selected and the document is moved to the next search result. In Notepad++ you can press f3 or shift+f3 to repeat the search in the forward or backward direction respectively. NVDA will read both the current line, and the selection within the line which represents the found text.

I tested out and pressing f3 doesn't report anything by nvda. Integration 於 20/8/2019 22:08 寫道:


This addon improves the accessibility of the notepad++ text editor. To learn more, and to read the documentation before installation, visit the addons github page

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