Re: Taking a (real) break (at last) # AdminNotice

Pawel Urbanski

Dear Joseph,
Enjoy your well-deserved break...

On 20/08/2019, Joseph Lee <@joslee> wrote:
Dear NVDA add-ons community,

As much as Python 3 transition work and coordinating add-ons for
compatibility has been exciting, it has been a stressful journey also; in
fact, this work has worn me out. Coupled with some important life events
coming up (hunting for grad schools, for instance), I'm in need of a break,
and this time, I'm taking a real break until later this year.

As of now more than half of stable add-ons hosted on our community add-ons
website are ready for NVDA 2019.3 and Python 3, and others are being
or are work in progress. Still others need work, and for others not listed
on community add-ons website, their fate is unknown at this point. I'm very
concerned about speech synthesizers and some popular add-ons the community
relies on (namely NVDA Remote and others), some of which are not ready for
Python 3 yet and is going to come back to haunt everyone if not addressed
soon (and adding to my worries).

Therefore I'm stepping away from all NVDA-related action for a while - this
includes add-on development apart from one or two upcoming add-on releases
in early September. I hope to spring back into action around the time NVDA
2019.3 RC goes online. All that I ask of you is to prove to the world that
the add-ons community is strong, resilient, united, and can pull through -
making more add-ons Python 3 ready and making sure users of add-ons are not

Also, I'm handing the administration of this mailing list over to our
leaders - Derek Riemer, James Scholes, Noelia Martinez and others - who are
more than qualified to lead not only this forum, but the community at this
important time. I'll resume my admin duties once I spring back into action.

Thank you.



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