Re: Reloading add-ons

Luke Davis

Agreed on all points. But even if only some of the work is done and committed to core over time, a gradual improvement in this will be welcome.
As you say, strange cumulative errors start to appear the more you do this. So the more that is minimized, the more stable NVDA becomes.

On Fri, 16 Aug 2019, Javi Domínguez wrote:

there are other things that are not fully recharged, such as general menus, preferences;  variables that are not initialized correctly, etc.  When it is
recharged many times strange errors appear, it is advisable to restart NVDA completely from time to time.  It's a bit awkward but NVDA + control + F3 was
added as a quick help for developers although NVDA wasn't really designed to work like this.  If there was a way to fully recharge the add-ons it would not
be necessary to restart NVDA after installing or updating one.  It would be good, I can propose it as an improvement, but I fear that it requires deep
changes quite a lot of work, so I doubt that they give priority.
El 16 ago 2019, a las 10:53, Luke Davis <> escribió:

Can you post on github as a bug report? It really should reload every element of each add-on, whether or not it is likely that they have

On Fri, 16 Aug 2019, Javi Domínguez wrote:

True, but NVDA + control + F3 does not reload the .mo file even though you had compiled it manually.  You have to restart NVDA for
the translation files to be processed.

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