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Ah, but it's not the same market. CAPTCHA Be Gone works with Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. This add-on, on the other hand, only works with Chrome, and as far as I know, is not as well-known or publicized. For some reason, it looks like there are still a lot of Internet Explorer users for who knows why, given its end-of-life status as well as its low performance.

I'm sure Oliver has his reasons for giving the price he gave, given market metric and and operating costs, and if it's not something you can opt into in its current model, then other alternatives do exist as listed in the thread, and this price point is not for you. Simple as that.


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on the same small market, costs 3$ monthly fee for this
Also, last time I checked, free webvisum still worked with firefox 52
portable. that's my setup for captchas.

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Yes, but remember this is quite a smaller market, so for Mr. Edholm to
recuperate the cost he puts into using these types of services, e.g.,
crowdsourcing, you'd have to pay a higher amount as this isn't cheap in the
first place, especially if it comes to sustainability.


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Sorry, but that's an exorbitant fee.
I could obtain much more valuable content for that monthly money.
The access to the whole Swiss library for the blind costs a mere
quarter in a year.

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This always happens, sadly. To me, the sites who use the most recent sort
like click the picture with traffic lights in it, or click the square box
below if you are not a robot, are almost completely unsolvable by us.
Firstly the graphics have junk names and of course the box is one assumes
just a bit of graphic as well.

I have said it before, a return email system seems to be fine for many
companies, and all the others deserve to lose custom.
Just my view.
Sorry, I'll shut up now.
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Sending this since many people have emailed me regarding captcha solver,
sorry to say, but right now because of an increasing amount of people who
exploit it, I have to charge 10 USD dollars/month to sustain the service

get rid of the people who use it for wrong purposes.

Sad it had to get to this point, if you're still interested please reply

I'll set up everything, payments go through a reputable provider like

or similar. Email is: oliver.edholm@...


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