Re: The Amazing Self Replicating Configuration of Developer Toolkit

Luke Davis

I suggest adding the review check anyway--it is a subtle issue.

On Sat, 3 Aug 2019, Joseph Lee wrote:

To Andy: please define a "terminate" method in your global plugin in order
to resolve this problem.
Technical: classic "resource leak". That is, settings panel for Developer
Toolkit gets created when the global plugin is constructed (or reloaded),
but not removed when it dies. I bet this add-on isn't the only one with this
To the add-ons community: whenever you construct a GUI element when a global
plugin, an app module, or a driver is initialized, PLEASE DEFINE A
issue described by Luke will appear when add-ons are reloaded
(Control+NVDA+F3 or via NvDA menu/Tools/Reload plugins). If I find out more
add-ons are causing this problem, I'll send out a wider add-on directive and
will add this check to user experience part of basic review.

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Subject: [nvda-addons] The Amazing Self Replicating Configuration of
Developer Toolkit

I am curious if anyone can replicate (no pun intended) this issue.

I've been doing some development, and reloading add-ons frequently.
I happened to notice on one such occasion, that I had two NVDA configuration
settings entries for Developer toolkit: one near the bottom of the list, and
one toward the second third.

For fun, I reloaded add-ons several more times, and what do you know: for
each one, another "Developer Toolkit" appeared on the list. I reloaded NVDA
entirely and tried again, with the same effect, although it did at least
start over at one.
I think I had it up to seven occurrences before the novelty lost its charm.

NVDA beta-18270
Latest stable developer toolkit.
Windows 10, 1903, 64bit.

I can provide logs, but there doesn't seem to be anything unusual there.


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