Re: beep keyboard 1.2 stable version. #addonrequestreview

Luke Davis

On Thu, 1 Aug 2019, DaVid wrote:

This add-on provides the following features you can use to adapt NVDA
keyboard behavior:
• Beep for uppercases when caps lock is on: if this feature is
enabled, NVDA will beep when you typing an uppercase and caps lock is
on. Don't make any more uppercase mistakes!
Just to clarify: does that mean that when capslock is on, and you press shift and a letter, it will beep?
Or does it mean that when capslock is on: all letters, which are then uppercase because of capslock, will beep?

If the first thing (beeps when capslock is on and you press shift with a letter): how is that different than the built-in feature "Beep if typing lowercase letters if capslock is on" under keyboard settings?


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