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Source code? If I'm not mistaken, the synthesizer in question s SAPI5-compliant, so if it works well with other programs tat supports SAPI5 voices, then it would then be the fault of NVDA's Python3 synth driver, no?


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I am afraid but we cannot take into account every discontinued thing. Technology moves on and there will always be things which will not be updated as fast as NVDA itself. If that synths are so important to the community, then let‘s find the source code and change it accordingly. If this is not possible, then we will have to leave it behind unfortunately. That‘s how technology proggress simply works.


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Hi Joseph,

This thing cannot be solved by the synthesizer maker, as the synthesizer maker is merged with nuance, and due to this, loquendo synths are discontinued forever, and the synths are no longer sold.

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I advise contacting the synthesizer maker because they may have more info as to how to troubleshoot this. I’ll announce a more general directive regarding this kind of thing once NVDA’s master branch uses Python 3.



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Hi to every one,

I point out that iin this branch the sapi5 of the Loquendo do not work properly, the progress bars percentage are not read, the file name in the directories is not vocalized when positioned above it, it does not spell and with nvda + down arrow reads only one line at a time.
The strange thing is that no error is generated, simply the ui.message () command in certain parts of the code is not vocalized by the speech synthesis, for example when reading the "Details" in Weather_Plus.
I also tried adding wx.CallAfter () and wx.CallLater (), but it doesn't vocalize the string.
I tried them all, I hope this is a temporary problem because the Loquendo sapi5 is widely used here in Italy.
While with the same source code the speech synthesis works regularly with all previous versions of nvda, including the nvdapy37-20190228 version.


Kind regards

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